F&O in the press – e& acquires Vodafone stake

Abu Dhabi-based telco company acquires 9.8% in Vodafone Today’s Shares Magazine and Morningstar lead with news of Middle Eastern telecommunications company, e&, acquiring a near 10% stake in Vodafone. Mergers & Acquisitions of UK headquartered companies hit a record in 2021 as predatory companies took advantage of Covid-induced, discounted values. Shares Magazine / Morningstar – … Continued

Cathie Wood – Hero or Zero?

Cathie Wood, CEO of ARK Invest, has been hailed as both ‘Hero’ and ‘Zero’ over the past couple of years. With a focus on technology and innovation, Wood’s early adoption strategy and aggressive investment style has divided opinion on Wall Street. Tesla and Moderna have been key holdings for Wood. In 2020 shares gained 695% … Continued

Asian tech stocks rally… time to buy?

Perhaps you’re not familiar with the leading Asian tech stocks. Alibaba, Baidu and NIO may not be household names to Western retail investors. Think – Amazon, Google and Tesla… these are the Asian equivalents. Alibaba, Baidu and NIO have secondary listings in New York, as well primary share listings in Hong Kong, meaning traders around … Continued