F&O in the press – Bitcoin & Ethereum

Frederick & Oliver bullish on Bitcoin and Ethereum outlook On 29th July, UK Investor Magazine featured Frederick & Oliver’s commentary on the current state of cryptocurrency markets. Frederick & Oliver recently published a report (Available to download via the Research page of the website (Special Report – Bitcoin & Ethereum) highlighting $20,000 as a favourable … Continued

F&O in the press – e& acquires Vodafone stake

Abu Dhabi-based telco company acquires 9.8% in Vodafone Today’s Shares Magazine and Morningstar lead with news of Middle Eastern telecommunications company, e&, acquiring a near 10% stake in Vodafone. Mergers & Acquisitions of UK headquartered companies hit a record in 2021 as predatory companies took advantage of Covid-induced, discounted values. Shares Magazine / Morningstar – … Continued

Asian tech stocks rally… time to buy?

Perhaps you’re not familiar with the leading Asian tech stocks. Alibaba, Baidu and NIO may not be household names to Western retail investors. Think – Amazon, Google and Tesla… these are the Asian equivalents. Alibaba, Baidu and NIO have secondary listings in New York, as well primary share listings in Hong Kong, meaning traders around … Continued

Putin puts the boot in – “Sell the rip”

The attack on Ukraine by Russian forces has intensified overnight with the nation’s largest nuclear power plant coming under fire. Ukraine’s Foreign Minister claims an explosion at the Zaporizhzhya power plant would be 10 times larger than the Chernobyl nuclear disaster. Russian Prime Minister, Vladimir Putin, has since warned “the worst is yet to come” … Continued

Russia invades Ukraine

Reports appear to confirm as many as 10,000 Russian troops have crossed the border into Ukraine. It’s official: Russia has invaded Ukraine. European equity markets will open lower amid concerns Russia’s actions will lead to conflict. This move has been condemned by world leaders, sanctions are certain to follow. Reuters is reporting on geopolitical tensions … Continued

Russia-Ukraine uncertainty: de-risk ahead of the weekend?

Today’s Shares Magazine looks at traders’ appetite for stock going into the weekend, amid Russia-Ukraine uncertainty. The media has reported conflicting stories on the tensions between Russia and Ukraine. Whilst some news outlets suggest Russian President, Vladimir Putin, is withdrawing troops from the border, others speculate he is preparing for an imminent invasion. This is … Continued

Russia-Ukraine – oil to hit $100 per barrel?

What is the state of play in the Russia-Ukraine oil situation today? Today’s This is MONEY and Telegraph cover the escalating tensions between Russia and Ukraine, and whether oil could hit $100 per barrel. UK shares lost £45bn in value yesterday amid reports Russia could invade Ukraine imminently. Heavy losses were also recorded on Wall … Continued

F&O in the press – New Covid-19 variant triggers heavy selling

Today’s Guardian leads with breaking news of a new Covid-19 variant and the consequences for global equity markets. Early readings from trading in futures contracts points to rough session ahead, with traders concerned of a revisit to the dark days of ‘lockdown’. The government’s go-to strategy for thwarting the spread of coronavirus has been to … Continued