Russia-Ukraine uncertainty: de-risk ahead of the weekend?

Russia Ukraine


Today’s Shares Magazine looks at traders’ appetite for stock going into the weekend, amid Russia-Ukraine uncertainty.

The media has reported conflicting stories on the tensions between Russia and Ukraine. Whilst some news outlets suggest Russian President, Vladimir Putin, is withdrawing troops from the border, others speculate he is preparing for an imminent invasion.

This is building into a binary situation – if Putin invades, markets will slump, if he backs down markets will rally.

With this in mind, investors and traders must consider their risk, ahead of the weekend.

Shares Magazine – 18th February 2022
“Traders face the question ‘do you want to be long over the weekend?’ – 2 days of exposure without the ability to manage positions. To sell, and reassess on Monday, is likely to prove preferable in managing risk.”
Marc Kimsey, Frederick & Oliver

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By Marc Kimsey

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