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Trade global equity markets

Buy, sell and short-sell positions in UK, European and US stocks.

Trade UK banking and builder names such as Lloyds, Barclays and Taylor Wimpey, German automaker brands BMW and Volkswagen, or US technology giants Apple and Amazon.

Trade Crypto CFDs

For Professional Clients only

The rise of digital currencies has been well documented in recent years, aided by mind-boggling volatility in the original coin – Bitcoin.

In 2017, Bitcoin traded as low as $750 before peaking at almost $20,000, a gain of over 2500%. Bitcoin slipped back to $3,000 in 2018 (-85%) before skyrocketing to almost $70,000 in 2021 (+2,200%).

Trade Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin and more, with Frederick & Oliver.


Our clients invest or trade using contracts for difference (CFDs). Within this agreement, the client trades on deposit, providing 20% up-front investment, and then being subject to the gains or losses on the trade.

However, it is not the deposit aspect of the product that we champion – it is the flexibility and range of markets that we believe investors and traders should welcome to their trading arsenal.

By flexibility, we mean the ability to ‘short sell’ in addition to buying. In essence, this is the practice of profiting from falling prices – investing in reverse. Traditional investors seek value and an appreciating market, yet markets will inevitably decline, on occasion. This is where investors and traders without the ability to ‘short sell’ often unnecessarily lose their hard-earned portfolio gains.

CFDs provide access to markets beyond UK and US blue-chip stocks – such as commodities, currencies and indices, all assisting the diversification of your portfolio.

MetaTrader 5

Frederick & Oliver uses MetaTrader 5 for trading stocks, cryptos, forex, indices and commodities.

The multi-asset platform delivers live prices alongside a full suite of analytical tools. In the world of online trading, MetaTrader represents the gold standard; versatile, powerful, user-friendly and full of options that ensure the trading experience is tailored to your exact needs.

I can highly recommend the services of Frederick & Oliver. This is a very professional company providing up to date guidance and relevant information.
Mr. W
Frederick & Oliver has provided me with an excellent service. They listen, understand what I need, and provide quality market information. There is always a person at the end of the phone, which adds huge value to the service.
Mr. B
Frederick & Oliver has an easy to use platform, lower commissions than some alternatives and good customer service. They also have easily understood year-end reports when it comes to making the tax return.
Mr. A
I have known the guys at Frederick & Oliver for over 10 years. They are far from a regular execution-only broker. They go out of their way to keep clients well informed of market developments and upcoming events. - Great service. Thank you.
Mr. C
Frederick & Oliver’s emphasis on providing an old fashioned, highly personalised customer service is very refreshing in this digital age.
Mr. H-S
I was totally new to stock trading. Six months on, I have been reassured by the team’s safety-first approach. Access to the team is easy and fast, they are also quick to get in touch with important updates. I have introduced many friends to Frederick & Oliver who have given me the same positive feedback. Thank you guys.
Mr. A
The guys at Frederick & Oliver really care about their clients. I am kept up to date with market conditions throughout the day. Keep up the great work!
Mr. I


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